pops and bangs remap scotland brand autos

On certain petrol vehicles, the ECU can be programmed to produce a popping or crackling noise from the exhaust during engine deceleration. Some manufacturers already include this feature on performance models from the factory. While it doesn’t provide any performance benefits, it does give the car a more sporty feel and sound.

During engine deceleration, the injectors are usually turned off to avoid fuel from entering the combustion chamber. However, with the implementation of a pop and bang feature, the injectors are kept open for a brief time after the throttle plate closes. The spark timing maps are then modified so that the fuel is ignited significantly after the TDC. As a result, fuel ignites during the exhaust stroke, which creates small explosions in the exhaust system. These explosions generate the popping and banging noise, and in some instances, small flames can be observed coming out of the rear silencers.

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