ECU Remapping

Our providers ensure that we have the most reliable & effective maps that have been proven to be some of the best available. These maps off exceptional power and torque gains while still remaining safe & sensible.  All of our maps are backed by a lifetime warranty against any software malfunctions along with all the stock maps being backed up so that the ECU can be reverted back at any time.

Full diagnostic scans are carried out before any remap is carried out to ensure that the car is in the best health and with no issues.  Driveability and reliability is just as important as providing you with the best performance gains that can be offered by the maps that we provide.  There are various different style of maps available for the majority of cars which you will see outlined below.

Economy ECU Remapping Angus Scotland Brand Autos2


Our economy maps can help you save money on your fuel bill while still gaining power & torque increases.  These are designed to improve economy and performance at lower rpm’s.  These are ideal for long distance drivers or a fleet of business vehicles to keep the expenses down during a time of extremely high fuel prices.

Economy ECU Remapping Angus Scotland Brand Autos

Stage 1

Stage 1 is generally the first stage of ECU tuning, and the most common.  This provides the ECU with a Stage 1 map that remains within the manufacturers parameters, giving your car an increase in power while no hardware upgrades have been installed.  While increasing raw power of the engine, these maps will remove any flat spots and an improvement in responsiveness. 

Economy ECU Remapping Angus Scotland Brand Autos1

Stage 2

The next step up is a Stage 2 map which provides an even bigger increase in power to your car. Generally, there will be hardware upgrades required before this can be installed into your ECU.  Most commonly upgraded at this stage is a Decat/Sports Cat, Intercooler, induction kit.  To get the most out of your Stage 2 map, all 3 would be recommended.

Economy ECU Remapping Angus Scotland Brand Autos3

Stage 3 +

Stage 3 and above maps are where the real power can be seen (or felt). Albeit with extensive hardware upgrades and some deeper pockets. These stages are usually completed on a dyno where every parameter of the car can be measured reliably.  Some models already have tried and tested Stage 3 + maps available, you can check if these are available for your car below by selecting the required fields.  The hardware upgrades required for these stages can include but not limited to – Intakes, Full Exhaust Systems, Intercoolers, Turbo, Supercharger, Injectors, Fuel Pump. Depending on how far you want to push the power gains, you may even have to consider uprated Pistons/Rods/Bearings etc.

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